A farmhouse in Paciano

In the second half of the 20th century, what is now the main building of Vacanze Ideali was the Balestro family home (Anselmo, Umberto and Pietro). This area today includes the accommodations of “Il Padrone” and “Il Contadino“. Furthermore, to preserve the old memories, the apartments built up then on the ground floor as “La Cantina”, Il Fienile” and “La Stalla”, kept the name of the original purpose.

The renovation, which led to the opening of structure in 1992, was conceived to maintain the historical buildings characteristics: thick walls, facades of stone, roofs in ancient cups and tiles. Internally some accommodations have high ceilings, while others have wooden beam edits and flats. The ones ‘recreated’ have otherwise steel faces and bricks. The floors are all made all in terracotta.

After three years, in 1995, the first swimming pool (m 6.00 x 12.00) was built in with a solarium.

The first pool

Tenuta Badia : The Farm

In 1999, Tenuta Badia ’99 srl born first of all to manage the other side of our business, a farm specialized in cereal (wheat, corn, sunflower), wine, oil and vegetable production. The company then managed also the old farm facilities, reconverting them to integrate the structure.

The first project realised was “La Capanna”, a typical peasant structure present in the hay first for the storage of the chickens and then of straw and hay. With the use of recovered materials such as old bricks, plinth stones and wooden beams, “memory” and original design were kept alive.

In the same period, the other pool came out with the shape of a bean (m. 5.50 x 11.00).

The second pool.

In 2002 the second project involved “Le Casette”, through the reconstruction of the “pigsty” and the stables for rabbits and hens. Face/view bricks and classic roof tiles, with wooden beam ceilings and flats, typify then the building. The accommodations are “ L’Etrusco”, “Il Perugino” and “Ex Pacciano“.

Consequently, in 2005 the project ended with the recovery of company’s outbuildings. From the remittance of agricultural machinery and warehouses, we create three accommodations, one double room and a spare room close to the swimming pools.

The names of the accommodations enhance the view of Lake Trasimeno in the background with its islands and recall the names of mythology (Agilla and Trasimeno).

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