The story of Vacanze Ideali & Tenuta Badia 99

1992 - A farmhouse in Paciano

In the second half of the 20th century, what is now the main building of Vacanze Ideali was used as main home by the Balestro family In the beginning, there was just a home and three brothers: they have chosen this place to build their future.

If we rewind the tape, like in a time machine, around 1945 we could see just a typical stone building and some farm tips this area today includes the accommodations of “Il Padrone” and “Il contadino“ (Anselmo, Umberto and Pietro‘s house), to preserve the family memories though the years. Instead, on the ground floor, we can find the apartment called “La Cantina”, “Il Fienile” and “La Stalla”, for the remembrance of their original purpose.

The renovation, which led to the inauguration in 1992, was conceived to maintain the characteristics of the historical buildings, with thick walls and facades made of stone, roofs in ancient cups and tiles. You can find some accommodations with high ceilings, while others have wooden beams and tiles, others have been made with steel faces and bricks. The floors are all made all in terracotta.

After 3 years, in 1995, the first swimming pool (m 6.00 x 12.00) was built with a solarium and then some common services in the basement.

1999 - La Capanna and the Tenuta Badia '99 farm

In 1999 Tenuta Badia ’99 srl was founded, a farm dedicated to the cultivation of cereals, the production of wine, oil and other garden products. The new company also carries out the recovery of the old annexed structures of the farm, which today complete the accommodation offer.

The first project has been “La Capanna”, born as typical farm building where straw and hay were stocked. Thanks to some salvages material, like old stones, bricks and wood beams, we were able to maintain the original design and the memory of the building.

In the same period, the second swimming pool (with a bean form) has been built (m. 5,50 x 11,00).

2002 - The 'stalletti' (Pigsty and rabbit stable)

In 2002 the “stalletti” houses were made starting from the restoration of the pigsty and the stables. Keeping the original design, houses have exposed bricks and classic roof with wooden beam ceilings and tiles, The accommodations are “ L’Etrusco”, “Il Perugino” and “Ex Pacciano“.

2005 - Recovery of the barn (tool storage)

Consequently, in 2005 the project ended with the recovery of the company’s outbuildings. From them, we create three accommodations, one double room and a common room close to the swimming pools.

Their names are inspired by the poetry around the Trasimeno Lake, you can have a look of it in the background with its beautiful islands (like Agilla and Trasimeno).


Today the property has a new swing, with the complete recovery of all the buildings and the external courtyard.

It has 12 apartments and a double room, all with private gardens / spaces, in addition to a common play area, 2 swimming pools, a grass soccer field, a common room and a tavern for convivial meetings and indoor tastings.


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